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Guitar Solos

Posted by sdrury on December 26, 2009

If there is such a thing as a staple of rock and roll, something that transcends the lyrics, the posing, the outfits, the hair and whatever other tropes can be associated with the genre, it is the guitar solo. Seeing and hearing one in person, live, sends otherwise normal people with normal jobs and normal clothes and normal lives, shivering and writhing as if in the presence of a shaman. In anticipation of one, strangers trade knowing glances and then tilt their heads skyward acknowledging a tradition created by bluesmen like Robert Johnson, modified by Chuck Berry, and then re-created all over again by Jimi Hendrix (is it a coincidence all these men are black?). Indeed, every guitar solo has its roots in the Blues.

Any musical list is far from empirical, nevertheless here’s my two favorites:

Mike McCready:

David Gilmour:


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