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Womanizing – It takes two

Posted by sdrury on December 14, 2009

So. In the last year we’ve found out that Rick Pitino, David Letterman and Tiger Woods all cheated on their wives. Which, hey, it happens. What’s troublesome is that the mistresses involved, and yes this is pure speculation, probably didn’t score in the upper reaches of the SATs. Again, not much of a surprise at least as far as “the other woman” stereotype. Men tend not to conduct affairs with women who’ve attained advanced degrees. Mostly because smarter, more accomplished are harder to impress. I’m sure it happens once in a while, but not often.

What I’d like to know is when NOW or some other major woman’s group or, better yet, Oprah (being that she knows everything) is going to call out these harlots. “Ladies, it’s bad enough we’re objectified in magazines, restaurants and auto shops, but every time you get jiggy with one of these married, famous types, it sets the cause of women’s rights back a notch. So stop it.” Every time it happens it only accentuates the gender imbalance.

We don’t hear about construction workers hooking up with say, Olympic figure skaters…Ok, maybe that’s a bad example…We don’t hear of grocery clerks hooking up with Pop Divas, do we? When we hear about Madonna’s or Britney’s flings it’s usually with someone we’ve heard about before. Not so when the roles are reversed.

The female equivalent to a womanizer is a slut. The difference in connotations between those two words is a measure of the work yet to be done on gender equity.


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