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Living in Greenville

Posted by sdrury on November 21, 2009

It’s always nice to have your judgement confirmed. I recently moved to Greenville, South Carolina from Northeastern Pennsylvania. I grew up in the Scranton area and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but the area is dying a slow, painful death. Rather than bash it, I’ll extol the virtues of my new home. I had been to Greenville before as a visitor and when the chance came to move here I jumped at it.

I’ve only been here for a short time but I’m continually surprised by it. Despite being smaller than Scranton it has more cultural opportunities than my old home ever had or ever will have. The first inclination for many will be that in a town this size (roughly 60,000) in the South God and guns must rule the roost. The importance of church-going is an undeniable fact of life here and it’s impossible to ignore. Yet the prevalence of the arts (galleries, concerts, literature, college life) is equally, if not more omnipotent, at least in downtown Greenville. Now, I know I sound like a mouthpiece for the convention and visitors bureau here (ok, the Carolina Foothills are just to the north, the beach three hours away and Charlotte and Atlanta are popular day trips).

As if that’s not enough there are some truly wonderful ethnic restaurants also. I’m no gastronome, but I know good eats when I have them. Yes, that’s right ethnic restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina. And by ethnic I don’t mean pizza joints, diners and Taco Bell. I’m talking Colombian, Belgian, Brazilian, Cuban, French, Middle Eastern. And there’s a burgeoning slow and organic food movement. Although all the precincts have not been tallied, I’m pretty confident I made a good decision. I have the pictures to prove it.


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