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Sammy Sosa’s Sudden Skin

Posted by sdrury on November 9, 2009

Sammy Sosa looks different. Really, he does. Sammy has always been a little off. He put cork in his bat. He probably used steroids even though he didn’t need to. Or maybe he did, who knows. He seemed not to understand the waves he created. His command of the English language seemed to fluctuate depending on the situation. He tried to maintain something of a schoolboy innocence thoughout his career. And then he showed at a Latino awards show liking like this. Maybe it’s a tribute to Michael Jackson in a Sammy Sosa kind of way. Maybe it really is a skin rejuvenation process. But it’s unlike any skin rejuvenation process I’ve seen, not that I’m an expert in the area. But isn’t an awards show an odd place to unveil a new look. Not only is his complexion changed but but he’s sporting a matted look up top and colored contact lenses. Wouldn’t he know that showing up looking so different would create something of a stir? Maybe that was the point, to somehow stay relevant. But that’s kind of vain. And pathetic. And nonsensical. And definitely something Sammy sosa would do.


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