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Obama Speaking to Children in School! Never!

Posted by sdrury on September 7, 2009

For those parents worried that President Obama will perform a psychic mind-meld on your defenseless children…
He also wants the government to control health care so he or one of his lackeys can decide who lives or who dies. And before he kills you (in favor of Latinos and blacks) he’ll give free healthcare and abortions on demand to illegal immigrants, you wait in endless lines for a stint or a health-valve.
This man had the audacity to equate education to patriotism (the nerve!), Obama made us even “weaker” by apologizing for past atrocities to our so-called European allies.
He is secretly a Muslim (which by definition makes him a terrorist) who is secretly subverting America’s strength for the ultimate religious war, a modern update to 13th Century, Crusades-style Muslims v. Christians battle royale. We all know what side he’s on! And he controls the nukes!!!

Speak to our children??? No way!!! Next thing you know he’ll:

1. Abandon thousands of people after a devastating hurricane hits their town.
2. Deregulate the utilities industry to benefit his pals which will lead to power outages in a large state, like, say, California-endangering an untold number of people.
3. Fire federal judges because they don’t share his political views.
4. Ignore the clear intelligence warning of an impending terrorist attack.
5. Ship prisoners off to other countries–or “black sites”–where they’ll be tortured.
6. Send our men and women to war under false pretenses.

Indeed, all this “Get good grades, excel in school” is a pretense for much more ominous speechificationing!


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