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Posted by sdrury on August 31, 2009

Today the skies were cloudy. A gauzy, cottony gray lay overhead for most of the day. Occasionally, there was a trickle of rain but nothing to fuss about. People walked without an umbrella, without fear that their plans would be interrupted. By dinner time, it seemed the day might pass without rain, defying the predictions of local meteorologists. Weather has a way of doing that. But then, as dinner was ending for many people, the skies opened and the rain came down. The clouds formed and re-formed in the sky as the rain fell, steady and unspectacular. No lightning, no thunder. The umbrellas appeared while it rained and rained for an hour or two. Gray clouds supplanted the white ones and it was hard to tell if this was because darkness was nearing or because the rain would intensify. And it was around this time that the sun magically, peeling away from the clouds, near the horizon and the rain stopped. Like a tiny bird emerging from its egg for the first time, the sun presented itself to the world. Some people stopped to notice the sky revealing this orange-pink gift. The reflection was on the glass windows of shops that had already closed. The wet asphalt flickered with light. Several people shook the water from their umbrellas. Some, still waiting to be seated for their dinner, turned to face the western sky in admiration. One little girl, no more than five or six, was lifted up onto her Dad’s shoulders so she could answer her own syntactically wrong but perfectly understandable question, “What people are looking at?” This lasted several minutes and people went back to whatever they were doing. People who turned the corner of Main, down to Augusta were greeted with this and remarked with wonder at this unexpected sight as they walked to their cars. I walked to my car, too, wishing, again, for the millionth time that she could have been there.


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