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Open Windows

Posted by sdrury on August 26, 2009

Falling asleep with the windows open is one of the forgotten pleasures of summer. The traffic hums in the distance; the cicadas chatter distractedly; firecrackers pop a few blocks away; snippets of conversation are caught on the sly. Gradually, the silence becomes noticeable, a partner to the steady evening breeze and together they ease you into sleep. The morning comes and you’re woken not by any noise but by the sun pouring into your eyelids. You get up before everyone else and make yourself a coffee or juice. You slink out to your patio or deck and hear people beginning their day. Car doors open and close. Engines rev. Birds sing. Street lights dim. You watch the rustling and stand quietly, sipping your drink. You pretend for a moment, that you’re a person of privilege, and that all this din is being done for your benefit. And then you realize it’s August and days like this will soon be gone, deferred for the colorful autumn and the white of winter. So, you hope you can sleep with the windows open again tonight.


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